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About PeaceAndHealth.org

Building Peace Through Health and Education


Who We Are

Building Peace Through Health and Education is a project in Yunnan Province, China, in partnership with Hope International Development Agency.

Hope International

Hope International Development Agency‘s mandate is to provide alternative technological and educational support to people in developing countries where environmental, economic, and/or social circumstances have interfered with the ability of local communities to sustain themselves by using traditional methods. Every project we do is initiated by requests from local representatives.

Hope International is currently working in 29 countries throughout the developing world, improving the lives of thousands of poor families by providing clean water, training in food production, health, nutrition, community development and more.


Hope International‘s Project Manager in Yunnan Province is Aron Tegenfeldt. He is currently a research associate with the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, Canada and a consulting director for Peacemakers Trust (Victoria, Canada). He holds a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria. His graduate research (2002-2004) in the area of conflict transformation and peacebuilding focused on the role of religious and/or spiritual organizations and leadership in creating conditions to support peace through their organizational structure and position in society. He has a special interest in the ongoing conflict in Myanmar where he has conducted research and works with civil society groups on the China-Myanmar border. Mr. Tegenfeldt has studied Mandarin at Bejing University, China. Mr. Tegenfeldt’s undergraduate background is in Pacific and Asian Studies with emphasis on International Development.

Local Partners

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Partnering to develop new curriculum ideas focused on ethnic minority groups in their own languages, teaming up with village heads and village health workers in each location to ensure appropriate training materials are used.


Singaporean businessman who has lived and worked in DeHong for over 14 yrs. He provides his contacts in the local business and political community as well as his time and resources, as a volunteer.

Claire (in-country project manager)

Ethnic Jingphaw originally from DeHong, is now a University Professor in English at ShiFanDaXue, Kunming. She has worked with UNESCO and other INGOs assisting their work in Yunnan and throughout the region and is our in-country project manager. Growing up in DeHong and working at both the provincial and regional level has given her a unique insight into project implementation, management and her contacts at various levels in the community and in government have proven invaluable to the success of this project.

What We Believe

  1. Health and education development can positively affect poverty levels
  2. There is a direct correlation between poverty, conflict and the spread of disease
  3. Working on health and education issues provides a forum in which positive relationships between individuals and groups can be built

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