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AIDS Forum October 2010 Report

Forum meeting with 10 HIV+ personals- 28/10/2010

More photos from this training

After we made home visits with the HIV+ personals from the last session, I have met the CDC’s staffs twice. We discussed our future plans and also the feedbacks of our home visits.

They expressed:

  1. Home visit is a right approach, as the funds really go to the persons in need.
  2. We achieved personals contacts, making our presence known to the HIV+ personals.
  3. The HIV+ personals feel comforted and appreciated that we are caring about them.

Our futures plan will be:

  1. To know more of such HIV+ personals and understand more of their predicaments.
  2. Making them as agents to help us penetrate into their circles, to educate and prevent further spread of HIV living among their circles.
  3. Train them to be well equipped with HIV prevention knowledge, and let them be more independent.
  4. Set up a fund that helps them to be independent, giving them hope and helping them to find meaning in life, to be more self dependent.

So, the CDC arranged a forum and training discussion for me to meet 10 HIV+ on 28th OCT. The session was held at the CDC office, meeting room.

On the meeting session:

  1. At first, they introduced themselves, and all of them were former drug addicts, now turning into new leaves, but contacted HIV+.
  2. They are not employed due to prejudices against them from the main stream society.
  3. They are remorseful now, hating themselves for being ignorance while young and have no knowledge of Aids. They were all drugs addicted for more than 10 years, as it is easy to access drugs 15years ago, and the governments didn’t do much on such education then.
  4. I expressed that they should use their experiences and their stories to help and prevent any youths that follow their footpaths, and to prevent further spread of HIV among their circles.

Then, they came out with ideas and expressed their thoughts:

They hope that we can set up a start-up funds to help them set out their own business, and be more self reliable, like giving them fishing rods to fish, rather than give them fishes.

Ah Chen, who help us on the previous home visits is well educated and cultured. He has talents of doing works on advertising, such as banners design. So, he hopes to set up an advertising agency and CDC express that they will be his main customer if the agency set up. The CDC needs a lot of promotion banners each year.

Of course with some conditions attached:

  1. They can only employ staffs with HIV+.
  2. They are required to use the portion of their profits to help the HIV+ personals and educate Aids prevention among their circles.

I said that I need to report their requests to you, and seek your approval. They will like to know you too, saying “Thank you” to you in person. Hopefully we can arrange a barbeque party for you to meet them while you are here next time.

We completed the meetings after about 2 hrs, and as usual and promises, we gave them a packet 10KG of rice and a box of milk for each person. A token for their participation.

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