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Notes From the Field October 2010

Training cum Forum session with 7 HIV+ personals- 10/12/2010

More photos from this training

In order for the peers to be more independent in training on their own peers. Ah Chen, who has been helping us on the previous sessions, planned and arranged for this particular session himself under the supervision of CDC and I.

Date: 10/12/2010
Location: MangShi CDC Health activity centre
Personals: 4 families HIV+ personals

Ah Chen invited 4 families HIV+ victims for his training session held at the CDC Health Activity Centre. Ah Chen’s mission is to help and care for the HIV+ peers, teaching and encouraging them to have positive altitudes toward relationship with others in the society, have courage to face their own diseases and walk out of the dark shadows that held in their hearts.

Among the HIV+ peers, Ah Yan was invited for this training session. Ah Yan is an orphan who both of his parents’ lives was taken away by AIDS 20 years ago. Without his parents, he was cared by his relatives. He is now 24 years old, and because of his unfortunate events in life. He chooses to keep to himself, he talks less and unsociable. Ah Chen understands how Ah Yan feels, as he has gone through the same experience himself. So, Ah Chen has patience with him, give him encouragements, and try to help him gain confidence in life.

Besides Ah Yan, a couple both with HIV+ were also invited for this training session. Training and lesson about Aids were taught to them, mainly comprised about what precautions married couples should aware of, the Government incentives for HIV+ victims and medication.

After doing 3 training sessions on HIV+ victims, the same problem is that they are prejudiced by the main stream society. This phenomenon really has great impacts on them, casting dark shadows in their hearts. It cannot be changed within a short period of time, but need constant communications and educations within the society members. The task ahead is a heavy one; we need perseverance, care and love for the patients in order to achieve our purposes. Gifts were presented to the participants after the training.

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